Follow-up Comment #10, bug #18217 (project freeciv):

> Attached patch fixes trunk for me. I had to disable one warning,
> which conflicts with gtkitemfactory.h: 
See also my Mail to the list:

This is a known bug which will not be fixed due to compatibility
reasons (see the documentation in ./doc/HACKING). I think the
check is important but it prevents building the gtk2 client. On my
computer I did change the gtk2 header file to use his debug option
but I know this is not always possible ...

> Finally there is one location in api_server_edit.c where a
> return value looks to me like it should be checked, but since
> it wasn't it triggered the warning. I added a FIXME there but
> am not familiar enough with the code to know if it's actually
> a problem. 
The return value (status) is used in stdinhand.c:create_command() to get a
return code. For lua the player struct is returned - if it is NULL there was
an error but no information about the error type are provided. So it is save
to ignore the return value.


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