S2_4 will be branched in 6 days (2-Nov) Currently there is 90 feature
patches targeted to 2.4. I'm going to go through my own patches soon,
and I hope other will do same for their patches. There is also tickets
opened or mainly handled by already retired maintainers. I'll close,
postpone, or take those.

We're not extremely strict that all features for 2.4 must be committed
before branching. Select patches can go in to both TRUNK and S2_4
after branching. Sooner the better - rules in stable branch get
tighter as it gets more mature.

We've not yet decided freeze dates for datafile format or network
protocol. If you have some input (namely you know patch that needs to
go in before freeze) about these, now is good time to speak. As we
don't have freeze dates yet, even less we can have date for first
beta. I do hope that we can release one before year changes. Bug
tracker has 72 bugs targeted to 2.4.

Patch tracker has 11 patches targeted to 2.5 waiting for trunk to
switch to 2.5 cycle.

 - ML

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