I've long been annoyed that users of my Freeciv package have clients 
which default to a sound plugin of 'none' even though i have set SDL-mixer as a 
dependency.  For the 2.2.x series i used to force the issue with this line:

> perl -pi -e 's|COC_SOUND, GUI_LAST, NULL|COC_SOUND, GUI_LAST, "sdl"|' 
> client/options.c

        but of course that doesn't work in 2.3.0 and i haven't yet tracked down 
where in the code this is being set now.  FWIW the configure stage goes like 

> checking for sdl-config... /sw/bin/sdl-config
> checking for SDL - version >= 1.0.0... yes
> checking SDL_mixer.h usability... yes
> checking SDL_mixer.h presence... yes
> checking for SDL_mixer.h... yes
> checking for Mix_OpenAudio in -lSDL_mixer... yes
> checking building SDL_mixer support... yes

        So it's clearly being found, it's just not being used unless the user 
manually changes 'none' to 'sdl' in their client. Is this the desired behavior, 
or should i file a bug?

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