Follow-up Comment #4, bug #18796 (project freeciv):

> For trunk, the reason for this has to be fixed.
We don't have evidence that the problem exists on trunk. Could it have been
fixed in the many rearrangements that have happened since S2_3 branched?

I can't reproduce the issue from the savegame in trunk r20358, but that
doesn't _prove_ the bug isn't on trunk -- I suppose it's possible that
something else has changed such that auto-explore doesn't go down that code

> Could you test to add an assert for ai-channels == NULL in 
> ai_channels(). It could help as a fast bug fix for 2.3 (can 
> go on without crash).
I'll look at this, although obviously it would be better to have a proper

Should the "KLUDGE for stable branch" added in bug #18095 have caught this?


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