Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3021 (project freeciv):

> One question about the order of the subcommands in the help for 
> commands [...] Is there a rule for the order? I did used an 
> alphabetically sort order ...
Personally, I tend to try to order this sort of thing thematically rather
than alphabetically, as generally I'm looking for "what's the word/option I
need to tell this program to do <concept X>", where <concept X> is something
in my head that can't be looked up alphabetically. I think it's rare enough
that I'm looking for "what's the brief synopsis of the arguments to verb
'foo'" that it's not worth optimising for.

Here I've gone by lifecycle: the first thing you do is *define* a mapimg,
then you can *show* them or *create* images with them, and finally *delete*
them. And "colortest" is at the bottom because it's something you'd do only
rarely -- it doesn't deserve to be at the top. (What is its intended purpose,
by the way? -- is it something that users other than Freeciv developers would


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