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> When we start including custom rulesets, where we draw the line? Is AW even
> candidate for inclusion? I definitely don't want to use my position as
> maintainer to push my own creation to high profile list if more deserving
ones are 
> left out.

As far as candidates for inclusion, i have to say here that AW is the only
ruleset i've ever heard of [not including the built-in ones, of course].  So i
see the main problem as poor visibility: the user has to go out of their way
to find these these things, and i'm willing to bet that a fair number of users
aren't even aware they can add third-party rulesets.  Anything we can
reasonably do to increase their visibility is bound to help.

I see new rulesets as roughly analogous to the single-player campaigns and
multi-player maps that can be added on to Battle For Wesnoth.  They vary from
pretty basic to absolutely stunning.

This would probably be a good time for somebody to come up with an objective
set of standards such that any rulesets that get official inclusion work as
expected.  Beyond meeting these formal standards, i don't think we should
reject any submission on [for example] esthetic grounds.  As long as they
don't break anything, let the user decide if it is worthy of their time and
hard drive space.

As to the bytes of things, i do want to mention file sizes.  I do not wish to
see the releases bloat up too much.  I see no problem eventually including
smaller [though probably less impressive] rulesets.  Larger ones can have
their own tarball.  I'm not sure where we'd draw the line, how about a

I'm going to mention BFW again, just because they set such a high standard. 
A standard Wesnoth install gets you just one campaign.  The initial game menu
has [amongst options to start/load/etc.] a button to fetch more "add-ons" as
they are called.  That connects to the add-on server and displays a list
campaigns, etc. that are compatible with your version of BFW - along with a
brief description of each and some sample artwork.  The most popular campaigns
are also available as separate packages within most repositories that carry
Wesnoth rpms and debs.

After making it easier for users to try new rulesets, is there going to be an
automated way to remove them?  Hackers can easily delete relevant stuff, but
users who aren't technically sophisticated might not be able to do so.


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