Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17454 (project freeciv):

This is pretty tricky to do properly.

The map dimensions are a fundamental basis of communication between client
and server, as coordinates are generally expressed as (y*xsize)+x, requiring
knowledge of xsize to decode. Even if you got past that, the use of absolute
coordinates would give away clues about the map size.

So to make this work in a multiplayer scenario without the possibility for
cheating clients, you'd need to move to relative (x,y) coordinates on the
wire, with the origin at the user's starting position or similar, and
translate between those and absolute coordinates in the server. Which is a lot
of work.

If you were to just implement this on the client, so the client has all the
information about how big the world is, but hides it from the user, which
might be OK for single-player, then it's a bit easier. You've still got design
decisions to make -- for instance, if you've explored in both directions of a
wrapping X axis and reached every longitude, but not actually joined in
latitude, do you nevertheless show the two bits of map in their true spatial
relation? (You probably don't have much choice if you expose numeric
coordinates in the UI.)

It's not clear it's worth doing just for single-player mode, though.

At least some of the commercial Civ games have this kind of a concept (CivIV


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