On 11 November 2011 23:17, Jacob Nevins
<0jacobnk....@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> OK, I'm calling it: strings are now frozen on the S2_3 branch, in
> preparation for a 2.3.1 release next weekend (18-20 November).

 Updated S2_3 po-files now at http://www.cazfi.net/freeciv/translations/S2_3/

 Since there has been some confusion in the past, I now remind
translators that string freeze is for your benefit, not against you.
It's original English strings that are now frozen, not translations.
You can, and are urged to, update your translation. With string freeze
you know exactly what should be translated for next release.

> (For the avoidance of doubt: strings on S2_4 are definitely _not_
> frozen, for those working there.)

 I also updated those at http://www.cazfi.net/freeciv/translations/S2_4/

 btw. ca.po has been updated several times in trunk since S2_4 was
branched, but same translations have not been committed to S2_4. Is
that intentional?

 - ML

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