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Follow-up Comment #6:

Here's what the full help from a running server looks like:

> help mapimg
Command: mapimg  -  Create image files of the world/player map.
Synopsis: mapimg define <mapdef>
          mapimg show <id>|all
          mapimg create <id>|all
          mapimg delete <id>|all
          mapimg colortest
Level: admin
  This command controls the creation of map images. Supported arguments:
    define <mapdef>  - define a map image; returns numeric <id>
    show <id>|all    - list map image definitions or show a specific one
    create <id>|all  - manually save image(s) for current map state
    delete <id>|all  - delete map image definition(s)
    colortest        - create test image(s) showing all colors
  Multiple definitions can be active at once. A definition <mapdef>
  consists of colon-separated options:
  option                 (default)  description
  format=<[tool|]format> (magickwand|gif) file format
  show=<show>            (all)      which players to show
    plrname=<name>                    player name
    plrid=<id>                        numeric player id
    plrbv=<bit vector>                see example; first char = id 0
  turns=<turns>          (1)        save image each <turns> turns
                                    (0=no autosave, save with 'create')
  zoom=<zoom>            (2)        magnification factor (1-5)
  map=<map>              (bcku)     which map layers to draw
  <[tool|]format> = use image format <format>, optionally specifying
  toolkit <tool>. The following toolkits and formats are compiled in:
   - 'ppm': 'ppm'
   - 'magickwand': 'gif', 'png', 'ppm', 'jpg'
  <show> determines which players are represented and how many images
  are saved by this definition:
   - 'none'    no players, only terrain
   - 'each'    one image per player
   - 'human'   one image per human player
   - 'all'     all players on a single image
   - 'plrname' just the player named with 'plrname'
   - 'plrid'   just the player specified with 'plrid'
   - 'plrbv'   one image per player in 'plrbv'
  <map> can contain one or more of the following layers:
   - 'a' show area within borders of specified players
   - 'b' show borders of specified players
   - 'c' show cities of specified players
   - 'f' show fog of war (single-player images only)
   - 'k' show only player knowledge (single-player images only)
   - 't' full display of terrain types
   - 'u' show units of specified players
  Examples of <mapdef>:

plrname=x|plrbv=x|plrid=x are seperate tokens to be used alongside
show=plrname|show=plrbv|show=plrid; the other "show" modes don't need extra
parameterisation. This is not completely explained by the help, although the
examples should give a clue; perhaps it could be better.


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