Follow-up Comment #9, bug #18481 (project freeciv):

> Could you report lua compile problem directly to lua project
> also? Is that problem somehow solved in system lua of your OS
> (assuming it ships with one)?

Has anybody been in contact with lua folks? This really should be fixed in
upstream and not only in our own copy (and over and over again every time we
update it)

I get similar error with clang on x86_64 Debian Wheezy with clang packet from
Sid (as there's not yet one in Wheezy). Full clang error output looks like:

  CC     ldebug.o
../../../../../src.patched/dependencies/lua-5.1/src/ldebug.c:620:21: error:
      from 'char *' to 'TValue *' (aka 'struct lua_TValue *') increases
      alignment from 1 to 8 [-Werror,-Wcast-align]
    StkId errfunc = restorestack(L, L->errfunc);
In file included from
../../../../../src.patched/dependencies/lua-5.1/src/ldo.h:25:28: note:
instantiated from:
#define restorestack(L,n)       ((TValue *)((char *)L->stack + (n)))
1 error generated.
make[4]: *** [ldebug.o] Error 1


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