Follow-up Comment #3, bug #18767 (project freeciv):

in various cities, like in this example, cmagents use one worker as tax
collector. i do not know why i did not write it down, but today i am pretty
sure, that i had cities during that time with two "forced tax collectors"

that was my knowledge when i wrote my post.
now i think, that the amount of unwanted tax collectors has to do with
something, that is getting bigger while a city is growing like the amount of
available workers. maybe it is trade or a number  in the background, which a
player does not get to see. - there are more tax
collectors per city in the first column. as you can see, it does not increase
steadily with workers (third column) and it does not increase steadily with
trade (tenth column). i am curious what it is.

i think cma does use workers as tax collectors in all cities based on a
specific number - the bigger the city, the more tax collectors.


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