Summary: enforce real oceans
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            Submitted on: Wed 07 Dec 2011 06:00:56 PM GMT
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                 Release: 2.3.1
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Too often, any tile on the map can be reached with a trireme.  There's little
incentive to pursue the Navigation etc. techs in the early to mid game when a
trireme will do all exploration jobs just fine.  All civs come into contact
with each other early and all trade techs.  There is no development in
isolation, there is no New World full of weak hapless natives to conquer.

I've set the percent of land to 15%, the lowest it will go.  On maps of
modest size with ~6 players, this still doesn't generate true oceans. 
Triremes can go everywhere.  True oceans only happen when the map size is made
much larger.  This bogs down the game, both for the AI that has to think about
all the extra tiles, and the human who has to push units across them.

I suggest: have a postprocess that destroys portions of continents and
coastal waterways.  The biggest bodies of water could "push" from their
centers of mass.  This would isolate continents.  Alternately if that's too
complex to implement, coastal squares could simply be destroyed randomly,
along with land nearby, expanding the oceans randomly.  A test for trireme
access would be implemented; when a trireme can't get to a large percentage of
coastal squares, the job is done.  Whether to do this postprocess or not,
would be an ON / OFF option.


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