Follow-up Comment #5, bug #19134 (project freeciv):

Before worrying about making everyone "happy," we should be clear on what
people complained about, and ask whether those complaints were / are still

1) I remember the "no shallow water" problem.  It made the game somewhat
tactically interesting, as I had to overcome that terrain barrier, but it
seemed rather unrealistic, irrational, and arbitrary.  Why shouldn't I be able
to sail around the coast, unless there's a climate barrier like frozen ice,
monsoons, or some such?

2) Having gulfs within a certain sized enclosure of land is reasonable.  The
Mediterranean was much calmer than the Atlantic.  It made the Roman Empire
great.  It was inevitable that *some* power would have arisen in the Med and
consolidated it.

3) What's the big deal about blocking someone else's trireme on a narrow
coast?  That's cool.  That's called tactics.  In other games I've built a lot
of ships to be able to do that.  I like being able to do it with 1 ship.  It
also occurs reasonably often in the current mapgen, especially around smaller


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