Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17441 (project freeciv):

This should be classified higher on severity since it makes the game almost
unplayable on multiplayer.

This seems to happen when player has aquired a new tech which makes a unit
obsolete, and there are those now obsolete units being built in cities in such
state that they will be finished on the nex turn change. On new turn, the game
upgrades the production but looses the unit totally.

In the example below, player had just researched Exposives and there were
Workers being built in city of Jammu. The player bought the production to be
ready for next turn. The next item in Jammu production list was Barracks,
which also was already obsoleted by Gunpowder. On turn change the produtcion
of Workers was upgraded to Engineers but also discarded without any
explanation. The city just moved on in the production list and started the
Barracks, upgraded it to Barracks II and is now building that. There's no sign
of a Worker nor Engineer in Jammu.

[10:50:56] You bought Workers in Jammu.
[11:00:18] Production of Workers is upgraded to Engineers in Jammu.
[11:00:18] Production of Barracks(O) is upgraded to Barracks II in Jammu.
[11:00:18] Jammu is building Barracks II from the worklist.

There is something wrong in the turn andvance mechanics at least in relation
to upgrading/finishing production. It should be fixed. But a simple way to fix
this bug would be to make aquiring a new techonolgy trigger the upgrading
process for all units that were made obsolete by that tech. 
There is a workaround for this, of course. Just upgrade the production
yourself before klicking on Turn Done. But you need to remember to check if
you need to do so. And there's no '(o)' displayed in obsolete unit names as
there is for buildings.

Also refer to bug #14473.


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