Update of bug #17887 (project freeciv):

                Category:                 general => client-gtk-2.0         
         Planned Release:                         => 2.4.0                  
                 Summary: total cost of tech if root_req set => Tech
prerequisites misdisplayed in help if root_req set


Follow-up Comment #1:

Ah, I see what you mean now. Screenshot attached. It's the tree-view where
the number is supposed to show how many unresearched techs are under that
branch; but it's just showing 1 for everything.

The Gtk help doesn't cope very well with root_req'd techs, in general; I'm
vaguely looking at it. Other trouble includes:
* It says "You cannot research this technology" even if you can get to its
* It's not possible to tell from the help what the "unlocking" tech for a
tech is.
** Perhaps different-coloured lines on the tech tree diagram... might get
unmanageable if root_req is not one of req1/req2 though, say for a single
root_req unlocking a whole subtree of techs.
(Haven't even looked at SDL/Xaw.)

This ticket may not be the place for fixing all of that, but I suspect it
needs considering together.

root_reqs were enabled in the experimental ruleset post-2.3 in patch #2381;
I'm thus setting a release goal of 2.4.0, but whatever fix is required will
probably apply to S2_3 too.

(file #14700)

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