Summary: Tech loss vs root_req
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            Submitted on: Mon Dec 12 02:14:16 2011
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A long time ago (bug #16855 comment 13
<http://gna.org/bugs/?16855#comment13>), Matthias noted that a feature of the
multiplayer ruleset is problematic if tech upkeep is enabled.

There's a self-root_req'd tech called "Theory of Evolution" which is granted
by Lua script when "Darwin's Voyage" is first built -- this is intended to
stop repeatedly gaining the free advances the script also gives you at that

Notwithstanding that that's broken currently (bug #18394), and regardless of
whether that's a good way to achieve that end, this raises a general question
-- if self-root_req'd techs, which must be granted by special means (init_tech
or Lua), are lost through lack of tech_upkeep, there may be no way to get them
back, and there's no way to defend against this -- the lost tech is chosen

Perhaps self-root_req'd techs should just be immune to being lost in this

(I suspect that techs with non-self root_reqs cause trouble too; I don't see
anything stopping you losing a tech that's a root_req for another tech, and
that will probably upset lots of code.)


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