Follow-up Comment #10, bug #17270 (project freeciv):

I'm not sure if tech upkeep is working as expected in v2.3.1

When I read the code I understand this:
1- it sums the total bulb cost for all your known techs.
2- it divides the total bulbs by tech_upkeep_divider ( =2000 in experimental
3- finally it subtracts the value Tech_Upkeep_Free ( =3 in experimental

For example, when the whole researched techs sum 20000 bulbs, the tech upkeep
with the experimental ruleset should be 10-3=7. Doesn't it?

In game, the real tech upkeep seems always much lower than this expected
value, and I'm unable to predict the real value with any possible
interpretation of the formula (even taking into account possible rounding
<Cost of technology> / tech_upkeep_divider + tech_upkeep_free

Please, could you check if working as expected, or to explain me the correct
interpretation of the formula. Thank you.


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