Follow-up Comment #1, bug #19311 (project freeciv):

What I wrote in the 2.3.1 release notes about this message (hopefully true):

"Limit the maximum amount of calculation the citizen governor will do for a
city. This could cause the server to spend many minutes between turns,
particularly with large city radii, for instance when auto-arranging citizens
after city growth. This is only a partial solution; in this situation, the
governor will not make an optimal decision."

I think this has become apparent with the larger city radii in 2.3.x.
Originally the number of loops was limited to 10000 (bug #17255); then upped
to 25000 (bug #17604); then backported to S2_3 (bug #18407).

But bailing out after a maximum number of iterations is a bit of a bodge, so
I've been meaning to raise a ticket for investigating it properly. It would be
nice if the computational complexity of whatever it's doing could be reduced
to produce a solution without eating lots of CPU. I haven't looked into the
algorithm at all, but there were hints in the other tickets of it perhaps
getting stuck in a loop when there is insufficient food? (Unless I've misread


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