Follow-up Comment #2, bug #19271 (project freeciv):

I suspect what's happening is something like:
* On client, click on city centre triggers send of
PACKET_CITY_MAKE_SPECIALIST to server (city_toggle_worker()). (The server
treats this on the "free worked" tile as a signal to auto-arrange.
* The process that triggers an update of the city map on the client
(refresh_city_dialog()) is receipt of a PACKET_CITY_INFO.
* PACKET_CITY_INFO contains the total amount of production of a city. If the
total production hasn't changed, as here, one of the various duplicate
suppression mechanisms (on server or client?) might prevent the CITY_INFO from
being sent to the client, or from triggering a dialog update if it does.
If so, not sure what to do about this.


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