I have a small sugestion about the AI but I don't know who to talk to. I
hope you can at least help me to find the right people. Thanks in advance!

Reading about the AI I noticed many players complain about its strategy. AI
will build many small cities and have little interest for improvements. I
came to believe this is due to the parameter MORT is the main responsable
for it. In advtools.h there is "#define MORT 24". That results in a
discount rate of 4,3%, quite high given the return of improvements. If the
value of MORT was set to much higher values, we would have much lower
discount rates and therefore a different strategy for the AI.

I think this value could be set on game start for each AI, same as
difficulty level is. This way, the player could set some of the AIs to be
rushers (low MORT, high discount rate) and other AIs to be late gamers
(high MORT, low discount rate). For players who can't play online often,
this would be a great improvement! (Sorry, timezone incompatibility with
most players =(  ). Or AIs could be assigned random values of MORT at the
begining of the game. The important thing is that we could have AI strategy
variety within a game. (Strategy variety is not the same as difficulty

Also, in this more heterogeneous environment AI games could be harder.
Rusher AI would provide a challenge at the begining and late ones a
chalenge at the end.

Before making any changes, I think it would be nice to test AIs against
each other with different values of MORT for each. With my limited
programing skills and knowledge, I can't do it myself...

Thanks for any help,
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