Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3130 (project freeciv):

> Can the kinds of disasters be turned off separately? For those
> of us that are using the experimental ruleset it seems overkill
> to check each city against plague twice...

In this initial version, not. But once disasters are read from ruleset, we
simply don't define Plague disaster for experimental ruleset. In fact I now
think we will set "disasters" server setting on by default (on all rulesets)
but some rulesets, such as multiplayer where such random events are not
wanted, simply define no disasters at all.

Your comment brings up another point I've encountered while writing disaster
patches (yes, I have next ones from the series in testing, not yet ready to be
submitted) While adding new features to freeciv it's becoming increasingly
difficult to find free terminology. Civ1 ruleset will have both "Famine" and
"Plague" disasters, and both those words already have different game mechanics
meaning in freeciv.


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