Marko Lindqvist writes:
> Is there any demand for 2.2.8 release? Having one more even more stable 2.2
> release while bugs are still discovered from 2.3 would be nice-to-have, but
> making a release would take valuable time from other tasks and if nobody would
> use the release...

If anyone is still using 2.2.x, then there are already enough important
bugfixes to be worth a release.

I'd be happy to do one if there's demand; it's not a massive job. (I
don't know if our packagers still have a setup appropriate to 2.2.x,

Data points:
 * The Linux distributions I know about have gone to 2.3.x, so wouldn't
   take an update. (I haven't checked all distros though.)
 * I haven't seen any 2.2 games on the metaserver the last couple of
   times I've checked.

In the absence of visible demand, I shall assume it's not worth it.

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