Follow-up Comment #3, bug #18532 (project freeciv):

> either by making buffers bigger or perhaps by sending stuff
> slower?

I actually suspect (have not tested) that this happens due to our extra
buffering when sending a lot of tiles. Server does not try to send tiny tile
(or other) packets one by one when there's going to be many of them, but
instead buffers them to be sent at once (in many cases as one TCP/IP packet).
I don't know if that's strictly freeze to thaw buffering mechanis, or if it
can send data even between if enough data has been collected.
There's actually two ways this could cause problems.
1) Filling server side buffers as server send is in freeze state collecting
more and more data
2) When huge amount of data is finally sent, it happens *really* quickly from
buffers. There's no longer any packet construction work to do for the server
between packets.

If it's still missing, implementing that "even during "freeze" send each
TCP/IP packet as soon as there's enough data in buffers" could help here too.
Maybe renaming "freeze" & "thaw" to something like "buffering_mode"
"buffering_mode_off" to indicate that it's not stric freeze.


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