Follow-up Comment #11, bug #17726 (project freeciv):

This is the best topic I found to talk about Shield2Gold issues.
I have been testing the AI with gold upkeep for some time (I find it very
important to enjoy this game), and I always thought that the AI does not
notice when his economy is breaking due to amount of units supported by gold.
When I use Shield2Gold rule, I see continually AIs that lose his buildings and
units due to low funds, when they could have avoided it by just increasing a
bit the tax rates. I have not checked the code, but it looks like if AI is
someway blind to bankrupt caused by Shield2Gold units.

As cazfi pointed, it is possible to get a similar behavior (units changing
from shield to gold upkeep under certain governments), by using "uk_shield,
uk_gold and effects Unit_Upkeep_Free_Per_City and Upkeep_Factor", instead of

And my surprise was that the AI seems to manage perfectly the economy with
units supported by gold when I use uk_gold instead of Shield2Gold.
I'd suggest to some coder to verify that units with uk_shield and Shield2Gold
are taken into account by the AI the same way than units with uk_gold.


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