Hello everyone,

on the 4th of March I filed a bug proposing a restructuring of controls
on the GTK client (which I use).

David Lowe has made several replies to my suggestion, mostly opposing it
for a couple of reasons he explained in his replies.

I, again, disagree with one of the central points he makes and think it
would be good if we could collect a few more opinions on the issue.

Before I link you to the original submission I want to make absolutely
clear that

!!! my suggestion is simply a description of how controls SHOULD BE. I make
no assumptions about the current status. I simply think, to be blunt,
that the current controls are unintuitive, inconsistent and can improve
a lot! To prevent any misunderstanding: My descriptions do not attempt
to draw a connection to the current situation. I only describe how
things should be.

On the other hand, if you read carefully, it's not a complete overhaul,
just minor corrections.

It would be nice if you would NOT ask me questions such as "What is the
problem with the current controls?" or "With the current controls you
can..." - I'm afraid such questions will derail the discussion. Better,
are there any problems with the controls that I suggest (Such as LMB not
doing the same on the main map and the mini map, as David suggests)?

Here is the link:


Thank you

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