Follow-up Comment #2, bug #17542 (project freeciv):

> Is this related to the new method of using gold to support 
> combat units?
See, I don't think it should be.

The experimental ruleset has gold_upkeep_style=1, meaning that unit gold
upkeep is paid for "by the nation". By my argument in bug #18767 comment 12
<>, I think that means the city
governor shouldn't be considering the unit upkeep at all.

Looking at the savegame, in all these cases the total building costs are
greater than 20:
* Visby: 24 gold (1 taxman)
* Karlstad, Zhen, Zwickau: 27 gold (1 taxman)
* Song: 30 gold (2 taxmen)
* Malmö: 35 gold (2 taxmen)
* Qiongshi: 36 gold (3 taxmen)

The CMA gold minimal surplus is -20 (the minimum). Could it simply be that the
extra buildings required to play the experimental ruleset successfully
(Hospital, Genetic Lab etc) are tipping you over a gold threshold (20)
compared to the default ruleset?

Changing gold_upkeep_style to 2 gets rid of the taxmen, supporting this
theory. If so, I think this is a duplicate of bug #18767.

(I notice you're getting "Did not find a cm solution in 25000 iterations for
Graudenz." (bug #19311) But that's not one of the cities you're complaining
about, so not relevant.)


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