David Lowe writes:
> Is the web site down?  I couldn't get to the forum the other day,
> but just assumed it was 'one of those things'.  However, since i
> still can't get there, perhaps our server is having issues?

Yes, the main server went down over a week ago.

It was providing primary DNS service for freeciv.org, so
www.freeciv.org currently doesn't go anywhere useful; however, the
main web site is still up at <http://freeciv.wikia.com/>.

forum.freeciv.org was on the server, so that really is inaccessible.

This is also causing trouble for Freeciv clients trying to connect to
network games, as the metaserver address meta.freeciv.org isn't
resolving to anything useful. The metaserver is still up, however, and
can be accessed with the command-line option -M http://meta.cazfi.net/
as a temporary workaround.

We're slowly working on sorting this out, but don't have an ETA yet.
It may be that sensible DNS gets restored some time before the forum.

I've just acknowledged the situation publicly at
<http://freeciv.wikia.com/> (better late than never).

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