Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15743 (project freeciv):

I think currently created savegames are ok in this respect, but we are likely
to still have potential problems in loading older savegames where value S_LAST
has been saved as specials target for some activities. Pillage is the hard one
as it can take any of valid specials target, base type target, or road type
target. So having value that's equivalent to old S_LAST, but means legal
special in current code, can either mean pillaging of that new special (if
savegame created by recent freeciv) or that base targe should be used (if
savegame created by old freeciv version) Still, it should be possible to check
saved base target to determine if it's valid or should we be pillaging that
special - it's actually possible that our codebase already uses base target
with higher priority info than special information, meaning that it could
already work by luck rather than careful design work.


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