While lacking better tools for the job, I grepped,  wc:ed, sed:iet,
and sorted web server logs on www.cazfi.net to get some statistics
about modpack downloads. Regardless of the method requiring a bit too
much work, numbers below should be accurate. This naturally covers
only .modpack downloads from www.cazfi.net. Some downloads from
freeciv-modpack default list are hosted in gna.org (2.3 freesounds,
2.3 amplio)


755 modpack downloads between 04-Mar-12 and
02-Apr-12 13:01 EEST.

I have listed downloads by .modpack filename below,
not trying to combine what files should be considered
the same (for example "civ2-3-2.3-0" is just "civ2-3"
after it was renamed, later replaced with new version
Not all files have been available for download all the
time. There has also been many renames so that two files
here actually mean the same, but one just lists downloads
before rename and another after.
Effect of modpack being listed in freeciv-modpack
list instead of just being available by URL is quite clear.
Can you guess which 5 modpacks are in 2.3 default list? ;-)

alien-2.3-2:       4

alien:             3

amplio:            5

ancients-2.3-1:    4

ancients:          1

chess:           112

civ2-3-2.3-0:      2

civ2-3-2.3-1:    168

civ2-3:           15

freeland-big:    170

freeland:         95

GM1530scenarios: 161

alien-2.4-0:       1

alien-2.4-1:       2

alien:             1

amplio:            1

ancients-2.4-0:    1

civ2-3:            1

GM1530scenarios:   2

alien-120228:      2

amplio:            1

freesounds:        2

GM1530scenarios:   1

 - ML

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