On 15 April 2012 23:03,  <miko...@lavabit.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to join the efforts to make freeciv even
> better game than it is already. :-)

 Great. Welcome aboard.

> The forums are down and there (according to wiki) was help wanted section.
> Is there replacement for it? Or should I just lookup bugs list and try to
> pick some that looks not so hard, or else ask here for some tasks?

 Help wanted forum has never really worked, and it had no recent stuff
anyway. You can check bug reports https://gna.org/bugs/?group=freeciv
, submit patches you want see in freeciv yourself, and I guess I can
write email about things I'd want help with - it's been a while since
previous such email.

> As I am not member of the freeciv project on gna (but I own an account
> there), how should I submit patches?


 First you have to prove yourself by submitting patches and/or helping
freeciv development otherwise. Only then we may accept you to freeciv
maintainers team.

> If I would like to add some feature, where does the discussion take place?

 This (freeciv-dev) mailing list, but usually through "patch" tickets
(above link, ticket activity is forwarded to this mailing list)

 - ML

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