Here are some ideas what one may develop for freeciv. This is not
huge list of all the individual smaller features, but larger general
areas one may work on.
 Single patches fixing just one bug or implementing smaller features
are welcome, of course. See bug ( )
and patch ( ) trackers.

- Gtk-clients are the only ones under active development. Sdl-, and
Xaw-client are for most part maintained just enough for them not to
fall apart. Especially sdl-client should be updated feature-wise to
match gtk-clients.

- Nobody is developing Qt-client at the moment.

- gtk3-client is still not very mature, but some problems arose when
it was just transformed from copy of gtk2-client to gtk3-client. Known
problems are listed in bug tracker, but I mention this here as very
important thing and as set of bugs with common determiner

- There's freeciv fork named warclient/warserver still in use though
it is based on outdated freeciv 2.0. Worthwhile features from that
fork for which there still is no equivalent in mainstream freeciv
should be ported to current mainstream. For one, that could lead
warclient community to switch to mainstream freeciv, or at least to
something based on newer freeciv.

- We have some support for generating doxygen documentation of freeciv
source code, but without doxygen markup in source code comments this
dosumentation is not nearly as useful as it could be. Patches to add
markup are very much welcome, and writing those comments would be good
way to learn to know freeciv source code.

- One of the new features in freeciv 2.5 are AI traits. Couple of
traits exist, but having more of them would be nice.

- Loadable AI module support introduced in freeciv 2.4 would allow one
to create new AI from scratch for freeciv even as an independent
project. This would be huge project, for seasoned software developers

- Since freeciv 2.4 citizens have nationality, but this has
practically no effect to game. Nationality concept exist, but it's not
used for anything except to give some flavor. Well-thought (balanced)
patches to improve this welcome.

 - ML

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