Follow-up Comment #1, patch #3262 (project freeciv):

 I just wonder if this would be useful or even intuitive to use. After all
transfrom result depends on terrain, so when you "connect with transform" you
are not turning all tiles along your route to the same terrain, but just to
something else than what that particular tile previously was.

 Assuming we end up wanting this feature, patch needs some fixes:

 - This does not apply against TRUNK where feature development happens. I
assume you have developet it against some stable branch/version
 - You check unit type flag F_SETTLERS, when you should check for F_TRANSFORM.
Majority of F_SETTLERS units cannot transform
 - I find it hard to believe that pathfinding costs callback
get_connect_road() would work perfectly for transform too, yet you add
ACTIVITY_TRANSFORM in switch() to list of activities using it


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