Bernd Jendrissek writes:
> On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 10:42 AM, Jacob Nevins
> <> wrote:
>> Bernd Jendrissek writes:
>>> Unfortunately S2_3 wouldn't load my savegame, which didn't inspire
>>> confidence in TRUNK being able to do so.
> Correction: It *does* load my savegame, but the minimap has decided to
> take on a scrollbar or two, which makes it as good as useless for this
> game. (Useability mantra: "Don't make me think!" Minimap mantra:
> "Don't make me interact!") 2.4 (as of r21181) has the same scrolley
> minimap.

Ah, yes. I'm not happy with how the minimap ended up in 2.3, but I
didn't work out how to fix it properly, despite spending some time on it.
There are several open tickets (e.g., bug #18755).

> Or perhaps fooled by the client (v2.3, in build directory)
> trying to run the server (v2.2, in $prefix), and failing.

Yeah, I think that can happen, too.

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