Follow-up Comment #3, bug #19647 (project freeciv):

Not every string in a C source file has %-interpolation applied to it, only
strings that are passed as the format string argument to printf()- or
scanf()-like functions.

fprintf(doc, "<th>%s<br/>%s<br/>%s<br/>%s<br/>(%s)</th>",
        _("Irrigation"), _("Mining"), _("Transform"), _("% of Road bonus"),
        _("Irrigation"), _("Mining"), _("Transform"),
        /* xgettext:no-c-format */
        _("% of Road bonus"), _("turns"));

Here, the first string argument "<th>%s<br/>..." is subject to %-replacement
by fprintf(), but the subsequent string arguments are merely substituted in in
place of the %s's in the first one (after going through _(), which doesn't do
any %-mangling).

(The % stuff is interpreted by parts of the standard library, not by the
compiler, unlike escapes like n which really do apply to all strings in C
source files -- but are not significant to i18n.)


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