In bug #19647, Marko Lindqvist wrote:
> Something wrong with freciv-dev mailing list? I just got bounce from email I
> sent two days ago (it's semi-urgen so this delay was not nice).

Yes, all mail was down from the 25th, and only unwedged today.
The downtime was certainly long enough for some externally-generated
mails to to to bounce, so if you posted directly to freeciv-dev
etc, you may need to re-post.

I did some chasing with the Gna admins at the weekend. See the following
tickets for more fragments of the story:
and related support tickets.

I don't know what will become of internally-generated mail such as that
from bug and commit trackers to freeciv-dev and freeciv-commits
respectively. It seems possible that some of it will never come through.
You may want to look through Gna and svn to see if you missed anything.

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