I have lately being poking OpenEmbedded (
http://www.openembedded.org/wiki/Main_Page ) a bit. It has been
restructured since 2010, and nowadays software to go in to images
lives in so-called "layers". For each software component there is
build "recipe" instructing system how to make it. I ended up starting
new project aiming to make select Open Source games available in
OpenEmbedded environment. Technically it implements a layer called
meta-games. Git for this is in https://github.com/cazfi/meta-games .
As freeciv is the game I know best, it was easiest one to pick as
first game to port to this environment.
 I just run OpenEmbedded build of freeciv (2.3.2) for the first time
(in qemu emulator). Hooray! It's still far from release quality, but
at least I have a proof that this is doable.

 - ML

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