> I am writing a new ruleset and wanted to add, for example, a city
> improvement called gold mine which can only be built if "Hills (Gold)" or
> "Mountains (Gold)" is within the city limits. Is this possible?

Sadly, it appears not!

Firstly, you can't require a resource. This seems like an oversight that
would be simple to fix. You've already spotted that I've raised

Secondly, I'm not totally sure what you mean by "within the city
It's not currently possible to require a tile property within the city's
workable radius. I've raised <> to discuss
this, but it would be less trivial to implement.
You could however easily require the gold to be on, adjacent to, or
cardinally adjacent to the city centre tile (once #3322 is implemented) --
compare Hydro Plant / Hoover Dam and rivers.

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