Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3322 (project freeciv):

Hm, I see what you're saying, but there's no reason it should be limited to a
terrain+resource combination. You could reasonably require other combinations
of properties on a single tile: terrain, resources, specials, roads, bases, a
city, ...

e.g., Terrain(Mountains) + Resource(Gold) + Base(Gold mine).

So rather than calling this "Resource", I think it would be a new universal
called something like "Tile" or "TileProperties". Its argument would have a
mini expression language for specifying combinations of things (possibly with
some disambiguation syntax for the case where, say, a special and a resource
have the same name).

Off-hand, I don't see any reason in principle why such a thing couldn't be
done; I think the most complicated aspect would be for those parts of the
system that take apart requirements and try to analyse them, such as the AI
(to work out how to meet them) and the on-line help.
I think those things suggest that the expression language should only be
additive ("Lake AND Fish", but not "Plains AND NOT Road"), at least at first.
Covering all tile properties with this is unlikely to be much more work than
just Terrain+Resources.

However... knowing how much effort we have available, I'm inclined to aim for
the simple Resource universal first, because that should be easy and obvious,
and gets you some capability before we get round to the complicated thing.


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