Follow-up Comment #3, bug #17579 (project freeciv):

I investigated this a bit some months back, but it seems I have failed to
update the ticket with my findings.

At least for the cases listed so far there's no problem. Sprites are already
hashed by tag name. So if several city_styles (or base_types) use identical
tag, gfx is loaded only once.

I'm not closing this ticket as there's one case which we could improve. If
given ruleset is used with several tilesets of which one does have different
gfx for different era ocean cities, ruleset cannot use identical tag for them.
Then the other tileset with just one ocean gfx will have several copies of its
only gfx in memory. That's not pressing problem with what we currently
officially distribute, but we could have separate full-featured tileset for
high-end systems and minimal tileset for embedded systems.


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