Update of bug #17354 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                   2.4.0 =>                        
                 Summary: error messages at game load from the client =>
Client tries to load game in spawned server before requesting "hack" access


Follow-up Comment #4:

After some time looking, I suspect there may not be anything actually
preventing the client sending a "/load" command if the user is incredibly
quick off the mark -- clicking the "Load Saved Game" button on the front page
causes the client to send JOIN_REQ and then switch page to PAGE_LOAD, and I
suspect there's nothing interlocking the GUI callbacks that end up sending
"/load". The server would accept it because it would be after the JOIN_REQ.

Once the client has processed JOIN_REPLY, it immediately sends
SINGLE_WANT_HACK_REQ, and I see no way for the "/load" to jump the queue.

Since this is a local server and Matthias reproduced it readily, I find the
scenario above unlikely, unless there's something slowing down client/server
communication such that the round trip JOIN_REQ/JOIN_REPLY takes place on
human timescales. (Perhaps the server preparing all the ruleset data to send
to the client -- I think it might batch it up?)

For a similar report, see bug #18467 (not the original symptom of that bug,
but comment 4).

Anyway. Not a frequent report, so I'm unhooking it from 2.4.0.


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