Follow-up Comment #2, bug #19429 (project freeciv):

Cause is fairly clear: MAP_MAX_LINEAR_SIZE (=512 on S2_3) is in native
coordinates, whereas MAP_WIDTH/MAP_HEIGHT are (I think) map coordinates:

#define MAP_WIDTH  
  (MAP_IS_ISOMETRIC ? (map.xsize + map.ysize / 2) : map.xsize)
#define MAP_HEIGHT 
  (MAP_IS_ISOMETRIC ? (map.xsize + map.ysize / 2) : map.ysize)

The obvious fix is to check NATIVE_WIDTH/HEIGHT instead (and possibly rename
MAP_MAX_LINEAR_SIZE). But I haven't checked if those assertions are guarding
something specific nearby that relies on them.

Those assertions have existed since at least r7960 in 2004. I haven't checked
if the definitions of the terms changed at some point.


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