Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16651 (project freeciv):

I just tried this on the head of S2_4, and the result I got looked like it
came from the FRACTAL rather than RANDOM generator (more raggedy edges).

However: the number of islands the generator generates can depend on the
startpos setting. For FRACTAL and startpos=VARIABLE (your setting), it looks
like the fractal generator will try to create enough islands for players;
whereas the default startpos=DEFAULT is equivalent to startpos=ALL for
generator=FRACTAL, "All players on a single continent"; thus the generator
will tend generate a single big continent. Perhaps that made you think you got
a RANDOM map?

Unfortunately, I don't see a way of achieving what you want with the current
code (although it's possible for the default startpos=ALL setting to decay
into startpos=VARIABLE, it's not guaranteed). If we changed it so that
startpos=VARIABLE caused generator=FRACTAL to generate a single continent,
then the existing behaviour would be unreachable (although again, startpos=ALL
or 2or3 could decay into VARIABLE).

(Running the server with -d 3 gives some insight into what it's doing with
these settings, fallbacks etc.)


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