Follow-up Comment #4, bug #16684 (project freeciv):

Original report has generator=ISLANDS + startpos=SINGLE generating
different-looking maps to startpos=VARIABLE. That the behaviour is different
appears to be deliberate in the code; for ISLANDS, simply calls a different
generator function depending on the startpos setting.

> when you enable 1 x 1 islands doesn't work, it's a myth i 
> haven't ever seen one.
That setting is more like "allow 1x1 islands"; if it's not set, they are
removed after map generation, but if it's set, there's no guarantee you'll get
them. This is likely generator-dependent.

> And if you set (3,7,3,1) you don't get an island game it 
> changes to continental (for 4 players) :(
I don't understand the notation, but falling back to other generators is
certainly a thing that can happen.


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