Follow-up Comment #7, patch #3345 (project freeciv):

Classic AI is omniscient enough to see units anyway, so this effect has no
value for it. One could argue that having negative value applied to its cities
(countering positive effects some human opponents may have) would have some
value for the AI, but I think it's ok just to always consider value of this
effect zero. That's simply less code to maintain (especially code of which we
don't know if we got it right in the first place - overvalue here could cause
X-rays-through-city-walls to be built instead of something that is *really*

But for completeness sake to answer you question about performance: First of
all there must be such an effect for it to be evaluated. Current rulesets
without such effects would never trigger the evaluation. Second, this is about
evaluating building value (though I sometimes wonder if it should be used for
evaluating other things in the future). So the effect in question must have
requirement of type "Building". Function gets called once for each such effect
(even if player is not able to build building in question yet - evaluated
value of such buildings is further used to evaluate value of the tech to allow
it) for each city in every turn change.


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