Follow-up Comment #1, bug #19874 (project freeciv):

> It seems to me that it could easily pass city_tile(pcity) and
> thus enable effects such as the above. Is there any reason not
> to do so?

It seems that these get_xxx_bonus() functions were originally written so that
just the effects in our own rulesets would work, as opposed to make them more
generic. I've considered such failures to pass obvious parameters as bugs in
the past (fix for this one should certainly go to TRUNK and S2_4, I'm a bit
undecided about S2_3: it would create incentive for ruleset authors to create
rulesets that do not work in earlier 2.3.x releases)

> As usual with effects, the tricky part is edge conditions --
> whenever tile properties change, knock-on effects on all the
> above need to be reviewed.

That's one reason why Max_Trade_Routes is defined never to cause removal of
existing traderoutes. I would just document the restrictions in the first
phase. Passing the tile would anyway make it work *better* (in my view that
failing to do so is a bug, not missing feature)


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