Update of bug #14276 (project freeciv):

                 Summary: Wish: cities report does not combine categories =>
City report wishes: save more settings, more detailed information


Follow-up Comment #4:

> 1. Spell out the names of the categories. Some are spelled 
> out completely (such as 'Currently Building') so why can't 
> '-T' be explained in full as well, or at least when I hover 
> over it? 
Tooltips for column headers were added in bug #15603.

> 2. Give more detailed information. For instance, the G tells 
> me only the aggregate gold of the city, which may well be 
> something like -10; when I'm trying to decide whether it is 
> worthwhile to build a bank, I want to see how much it is 
> producing. It would be good if this field consisted of the 
> same information which is available when you click on the 
> city.
At some point you probably have to open the individual city dialog to see all
the details...

> 3. Ensure that it is possible to save display preferences 
> in the report between games (I don't know if this is 
> currently possible as I didn't test it) so that it isn't 
> necessary to re-enable desired options every time.
Which columns are present is saved in client preferences; the column order and
the row sort order is not.
Saving this information is slightly tricky as the set of columns is to some
extent ruleset-dependent. It might be nice if the client stashed this
information on the server, to accommodate ruleset differences and allow
different settings for games on different servers played simultaneously.


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