Follow-up Comment #8, patch #3095 (project freeciv):

> (unfortunately, some again 3.4 only)

Before we started gtk3-client development I thought that we could quite freely
increase minimum requirement for some time. Those people who have early gtk3
(those who are using distributions from gtk2 -> gtk3 transtition era) have
also gtk2 libraries, so they can use gtk2-client.
I still believe in that rationale for linux end-users, but I have encountered
problem myself. My compile of glib-2.32.x for Windows fails, and as it's
requirement for gtk3 > 3.0, I'm stuck with gtk3-3.0.12 for crosser builds. I'd
like to keep some way to test gtk3-client in Windows, which would be
impossible with minimum gtk3 requirement increased to 3.4.

It's good to have this already, and in testing, but I'd postpone actually
committing it to freeciv svn.


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