On Mon, 2012-07-02 at 21:52 +0200, Jacob Nevins wrote:
> Follow-up Comment #7, patch #3331 (project freeciv):
> I do plan to continue shipping .zips. While I take on board the comments about
> the handling of awkward filenames, I assert we don't have any and will notice
> if we gain any, and ZIP is still a useful baseline format which is natively
> understood by Windows without being aggressively MS-specific (unlike .cab
> etc).
> (I'm not buying 7z or rar -- anyone who can download an extractor for those
> could just as well get one for .tar.*. I don't think that we have to worry
> about GPL compliance; unarchivers are easily obtained.)

How old are you ? zip archive was a real mess until the patent on
compression expired. Say it clearly, you are MS guy and it would be a
shame to make the world just a little bit difficult for them.

if the question is about staying away of MS specific software the answer
should be, we must used GPL software.

> So please do commit this, it should save a manual step in the release process.
> (Not that I've tried it yet.)

Remember that some peoples like me looks like they were using freeciv
before you were born.

ZIP archive has very bad taste in my mouth.
Try to keep it low profile.

Gilles J. Seguin

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