On Fri, 2012-06-29 at 11:02 +0200, Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik wrote:
> Details:
> The file common/packets.def don't contain all the knowledge needed to
> implement Freeciv's protocol.

The protocol is the language in which computers communicate all the
information between the server and the client.
And packets.def is having it "all".
You will find nothing else elsewhere.

>  In addition to it various constants,

the only constants are the number assign to each protocol type.

> data structures etc are also required.

i am not following you

>  I notices that some of those are labeled
> with a comment warning developers the items are being used in the protocol.
> How interesting would it be to label the rest?

you means that you want to describes the network interaction that takes
place during a client session.

>  I have already created a buggy,
> unfinished, over engineered and messy program that extract the extra
> information from the C-source code (when it doesn't extract it wrong). Based
> on its output I have created a draft for a patch that adds comments where I
> couldn't find any.
>  * Items in packets.h, connection.h are not labeled (as developers probably
> expect that those files are protocol relevant)
>  * Coding style not looked at as I don't know if anyone is interested in this
> at all
>  * Some recursive dependencies are ignored

what is recursive ? nothing
can you provide examples.

>  * May contain errors caused by bugs in my code
>  * May contain errors caused by brain powering down during repetitive tasks
>    * Wrong item may be labeled
>    * An item with a similar name may have been labeled
>    * I may have ignored already existing warning comments
> If adding these comments is interesting I can have an extra look at my patch
> and fix it for code style, double check items and create smaller patches for
> specific areas if required. If some one want to do something else based on the
> information my program extracts, like creating a new format including all
> needed information or just have a staring point for better understanding the
> Freeciv code base, let me know . While the generated Java code probably is
> buggy it will give a hint about what items are needed.

Java, really. why not lisp. we really need more languages.
I can provide a C++ generator for the packets.def

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