On 7 July 2012 14:52, Marko Lindqvist <no-reply.invalid-addr...@gna.org> wrote:
> Details:
> Update tutorial scenario to current savegame format.
> We will eventually drop support for loading very old savegames (directly to
> latest version) so better to make sure that such old formats are not used in
> anything that is part of our distribution.

 Going through our scenarios actually be a good project for somebody
new. In its simplest form, just updating scenario .sav files, it would
not even require programming skills.

> I simply loaded tutorial, saved it, and hand-edited. There was a lot to edit
> by hand (we should improve load -> save of scenarios), so please test.

 More ambitious version would also provide patches for the goal of
making automatic part (load & then save scenario) better. It would
help not only in updating our supplied scenarios, but also any custom

 Any volunteers?

 - ML

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